22-inch Wreath (Free Shipping)

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Della Robbia Wreaths make spectacular holiday decorations for home and office and wonderful gifts for family and friends. Colorful, fragrant and fresh, they feature lush evergreen boughs, succulent apples and lemons and a rich assortment of natural seed pods, pine cones and evergreen springs.

  • Continental (lower-48 states): $56.95 each (includes tax and shipping)
  • Wreaths shipped to Arizona contain no fruit; however they include additional pods and a red bow
  • Outside Lower-48 States (incl. Alaska and Hawaii): $56.95 each + $57.00 shipping/wreath
  • Canada: $56.95 each + $53.84 shipping/wreath
Please note: Wreath size is approximately 22-inches. The number, selection and placement of cones and seedpods on the Della Robbia Wreath may vary, each year, depending upon the availability of these natural materials.